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1. Menu selection and room set up requests are required no later than thirty (30) days prior to the function.
2. You must provide us with a guaranteed number of persons attending seven (7) days in advance of your event. If a guaranteed number is not provided within this timeframe, the expected attendance will be used as the guarantee. Your guarantee is not subject to reduction after seven (7) days before your event. The Banquet Center cannot be responsible for service to more persons than 5% over the guarantee. All charges will be based on the guarantee or the actual number of persons served, whichever is greater.
3. A service fee of 18% on all food and beverages plus 7% state sales tax will be added to your final invoice. Any group requesting a tax exemption must submit its tax-exempt form prior to the scheduled function. Federal and State regulations on tax-exempt status will be followed.
4. Your final invoice must meet the minimum charge, if any, noted above under Function Notes.
5. All federal, state, and local laws regarding food and beverage purchase and consumption are strictly adhered to.
6. Pursuant to state and local health codes, ALL FOOD AND BEVERAGES MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH DYNASTY BANQUETS and consumed on the premises during functions. Prepared foods utilized for banquet events cannot be taken off our licensed premises.
7. It is the policy of Dynasty Banquets to serve alcohol in a responsible manner in compliance with Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission regulations. We reserve the right to a) request identification and proof of age from anyone who appears to be less than 21 years of age and refuse alcoholic beverage service to anyone who is underage or cannot provide proof of age, and b) refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who, in the opinion of management, appears to be intoxicated. Please note that all alcoholic beverages served on the premises must be provided by Dynasty Banquets and dispensed by our staff, and may not be removed from the premises.


1. Room rental charges apply to all rooms.
2. Function rooms are assigned according to the number of people expected. Dynasty Banquets reserves the right to determine final room assignments for all functions. All function rooms are subject to relocation and/or size reduction in the case of multiple rooms. If the attendance decreases or increases, we reserve the right to change rooms, without notification, to a more suitable room or room combination. Please keep us advised of all changes in your requirements so that we may best accommodate your needs.
3. If a full Dynasty Ballroom is reserved for 300 – 600 people, and the guaranteed number is such that the full space is not required, you may be allowed, at the discretion of management, to keep the full ballroom by the payment of an additional service fee of $500.00.
4. Your room will be available 15 minutes prior to the scheduled event time. If you require access for final set-up, please schedule the time with your salesperson. In the event that your function extends beyond the scheduled end time, you may be charged an additional service fee.
5. The client must have prior approval for all details of the entertainment, music, decoration, displays and/or any special arrangements from the management. Special equipment that has not been approved of or arranged by Dynasty Banquets will not be permitted. We reserve the right to charge a service fee for set-up of function rooms with extraordinary requirements. Dynasty Banquets will not permit the affixing of any items to the walls, floors, or ceilings of any function room with nails, staples, tape, or any other fastening devises. Any damages incurred will be the responsibility of the person whose signature appears below.
6. If more than standard clean up is required at the close of a function (i.e. trash, confetti, rice, etc.), an additional service fee may be applied.


1. An initial deposit and a signed banquet and conference contract are required to confirm booking for all functions.
2. All space reservations are considered tentative until your initial deposit and signed contract are received. The deposit will be deducted from your final bill.


1. A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of all expenditures anticipated for your function is due thirty (30) days prior to your function. A deposit of one hundred percent (100%) of all expenditures anticipated for your function is due seven (7) days prior to your function.
2. Should your function expenses exceed the collected estimated expenses, these charges must be paid at the conclusion of your function.
3. Payment is accepted by the following methods: Cash, Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, or Money Order.


1. Direct billing privileges will be granted to your company/association upon receipt and approval of a completed credit application. The application must be received at the time of booking. If our sales department currently has an approved credit application on file for you, please provide us with any information that may need to be updated for this event.
2. Payment is due upon receipt of our invoice. A finance charge of 1.75% per month may be applied to all outstanding balances if payment is not received within 30 days.


1. All cancellation requests must be made in writing and signed by the person whose signature appears on this contract.
2. Upon confirming you function, Dynasty Banquets will reserve your function space to the exclusion of other business opportunities. Due to the difficulty of obtaining replacement business on short notice, in the event reserved facilities and services are not used we hold you responsible for the following cancellation assessment:
If cancellation occurs prior to eight (8) months of the function - $75.00 service fee plus one-half of initial deposit
If cancellation occurs within eight (8) months of the function – full amount of initial deposit
If cancellation occurs within thirty (30) days of the function – 50% of expected charges
If cancellation occurs within seven (7) days of the function – 100% of expected charges
3. These assessments shall be paid as liquidated damages and not as a penalty.
4. In the event payments due under Option I are not made within terms, your function will be considered cancelled and the above assessments will apply.


1. Security is required and must be arranged through the sales department. The number of security guards required is at the discretion of the management, generally one security guard per 100 guests. The cost is $75.00 per security guard.
2. Functions must be conducted in an orderly manner. Dynasty Banquets reserves the right to inspect and control all parties, meetings, receptions, or any other function being held on the premises (including hospitality suites). Dynasty Banquets reserves the right to exclude or eject any and all objectionable persons from the function or the premises.
3. Dynasty Banquets has a reasonable noise control policy. We reserve the right to change the set-up location of your entertainment, if we deem necessary, to avoid the disturbance of another function. We also reserve the right to ask your entertainment to lower its volume if we deem necessary.
4. Client agrees to assume full responsibility for any theft or damage imposed on the property by the client and the client’s guests, invitees, employees, or independent contractors or other agents during the period of time such persons are under the client’s control or the control of any independent contractor hired by the client.


1. All packages sent to Dynasty Banquets must be sent prepaid. Any package(s) arriving C.O D. will be refused by Dynasty Banquets with no notification to the shipper or intended recipient.
2. If crates and/or multiple packages are shipped to us, the sales office must be notified in advance so that proper arrangements can be made.
3. At the conclusion of the event, all packages to be shipped out must be properly packaged, sealed, and labeled by the client. Such shipments will be sent C.O.D. unless the client makes arrangements to ship prepaid.
4. Any packages shipped to Dynasty Banquets should be marked as follows:


1. Parking is on a space available basis. Dynasty Banquets and Ramada Inn and Conference Center do not assume responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked on their premises.
2. Dynasty Banquets will not assume any responsibility for damages or loss of any merchandise, personal property, or other articles left on the premises prior to, during, or following a function.
3. Dynasty Banquets will not be responsible for circumstances beyond our control such as electrical failure, water loss, fire, flood, bad weather, etc.
4. Dynasty Banquets reserves the right to cancel a function prior to eight (8) months of the event date when extenuating circumstances deem it necessary.
5. If Dynasty Banquets fails to exercise any right or option at any time under this agreement, such failure will not be deemed a waiver of the exercise of such right or option at any time or the waiver of a different right or option.
6. This Agreement constitutes the complete understanding between the undersigned parties. No other promise or agreements, either express or implied, shall be binding between the parties unless signed in writing by all parties.
7. To the extent that any portion of this Agreement may be held to be invalid or legally unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the parties agree that the remaining portions shall not be affected and shall be given full force and effect.
8. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana.